We were married in Venice in 2010 and came back for our 10 year anniversary. We love the atmosphere, weather and beaches in Venice. They are unlike anything in the world. Early morning shark tooth hunts, afternoon margaritas at Sharkey's and a gourmet dinner at Finns, follow off by a after dinner walk on the beach.

Nothing like it in the world.

A friend of mine who lives near Venice recommended the Breezy Inn as the place to be when it came to really enjoying the beaches. He was right. The Breezy Inn has access to a PRIVATE BEACH that can only be reached by Ferry (and we had a pass). Wonderful.

Venice is a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Everyone who has the chance,
should absolutely take advantage of it, at least once in life.


We were thrilled with our 10th anniversary and have already booked the Breezy Inn for our 15 year anniversary! We wanted to make sure we had "our spot".