(Adam, Bea, John, Mikolaj)

We're a couple from all over. Bea is originally from Poland and John is from Ohio. They met in Washington DC, had two wonderful boys, moved to Temecula CA, got a dog named Buddy then decided to make Venice Florida their home.

I'm glad we moved to Venice. The water is a lot warmer
than California (plus the people are nicer).


Our hearts are in Venice so we've taken the time to relax, explore, and enjoy. Our friends from all over come to visit us, so we decided to turn the Breezy Inn into a place for everyone to call their second home. The Breezy Inn feels like home in it's warmth and vibe. The pool is always warm, the grill is always ready and the beds embrace you, Its' the perfect location to be able to really, really, enjoy Venice...